Stockholm Impressions 1 – Judarsskogens

Arrival in Stockholm was bit dissapointing. But just at the beginning.

My hotel was located in Bromma – at the outskirts of the city, not the area  that could   offer anything interesting, you ‘d think. After leaving the luggage in the hotel I had two options

Option 1 – stay, ask for internet password and rest.

Option 2 – wander around.

It was already late, I was tired and expecting my family to come at any time… however I forced myself to pick up option 2.

Sorry Facebook.

I have taken a long walk in a random direction.

Although the surroundings seemed boring at the beginining, I have just followed my “one step more” rule and after some time I found myself… in the middle of nature reserve. It happened that just by chance I have found Judarsskongens Naturrreservat.

Now when I look at the photos taken by me and my brother*  ( I have taken him to Judarsskogens the next day), I have to say I was quite lucky to find this place. It is just another proof that sometimes adventure awaits just beside the corner.

* There is an easy way to differentiate which photos are made by my brother and which are mine. The ones which are better are my brother’s…

Report from Stockholm

Log 2 Blue Moon Station – Berlin

Blue Moon Station Data on Stockholm

Location: North

Economy: Beer is expensive. Very expensive.

Population: Japanese tourists in cities, trolls and gnomes in the forests. Few beautiful blond girls spotted in pubs and restaurants.

System:  Absolute monarchy – however, only during lunch with Royal Family. You are not allowed to start your meal before the King does. Moreover, you are not allowed to finish it, if the King has already finished his. Rule applies even if you are a Noble prize winner.


They say  ” You make your plans and God just laughs”.

I guess, this especially fits to travel plans. During my short trip to Stockholm – most of the amazing things happened when they were completely unpredicted.  Although I was impressed by Stockholm’s featured attractions such as Vasa Museum or Royal Palace, it were the other more “alternative” sites that would make me trully feel like I was participating in a great adventure.

These were: an unplanned walk through nature reserve, visit to Voodoo exhibition in Etnographic Museum, visit to NASA exhibition in Technical Museum and walk through Viking ritual grounds from Bronze Age.

If you’d like to read and see more – you are welcome to access the Stockholm Impressions in the Photo area, which i will be updating on the course of the week.

End of Log 2

Log 1

Log 1. Blue Moon Station – Stockholm

Always trust Him.


You take a walk on an unkown route. Every step takes you closer to what appears to be dead end.

But you know it’s your path. You have been asking for an answer, praying for it, shouting to high heavens, to retrieve it as a mellow fruit.

And you got it.

Keep walking He said. I will show you the way, and all you have to do is to keep walking. And don’t stop.

Now the thing is, we never trust Him fully. At least not at the beginning. We take our our chances, pick up our own ways of life. Sooner or later we discover, that in the best scenario we were just walking in a circle. In the worst, we find ourselves at the edge of the abyss.

Now, if you want your life to get on a higher level, you need to find a purpose. You need to find your destiny. And there is only One who can reveal it to you.

But He won’t do it immediately. Firstly, you will need to trust Him. And travel long and a difficult road. There might be darkness on this road, sometimes it might seem there is a dead end just in front of you. But that’s just the problem of your perspective, you simply cannot see the whole path. Maybe there is a darkness at this point, but you do not know what awaits you at the next corridor – and you will never know unless you take your next step.

Once you will get to the end, you will discover, that those small steps, altogether have taken you far beyond your imagination.

My steps have taken me to the moon.

So welcome!

Welcome Friends to the Blue Moon Station.

You will hear from me again soon.
End of Log 1