Stockholm Impressions 1 – Judarsskogens

Arrival in Stockholm was bit dissapointing. But just at the beginning.

My hotel was located in Bromma – at the outskirts of the city, not the area  that could   offer anything interesting, you ‘d think. After leaving the luggage in the hotel I had two options

Option 1 – stay, ask for internet password and rest.

Option 2 – wander around.

It was already late, I was tired and expecting my family to come at any time… however I forced myself to pick up option 2.

Sorry Facebook.

I have taken a long walk in a random direction.

Although the surroundings seemed boring at the beginining, I have just followed my “one step more” rule and after some time I found myself… in the middle of nature reserve. It happened that just by chance I have found Judarsskongens Naturrreservat.

Now when I look at the photos taken by me and my brother*  ( I have taken him to Judarsskogens the next day), I have to say I was quite lucky to find this place. It is just another proof that sometimes adventure awaits just beside the corner.

* There is an easy way to differentiate which photos are made by my brother and which are mine. The ones which are better are my brother’s…

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