Stockholm Impressions 2 – Knocking on the Asgard’s door

Maybe by chance or maybe by a fancy of Odin, one of the routes of my short Swedish voyage brought me to the ancient viking burial and ritual ground.

The place is called Anundshög, an it’s dated to the Iron Age… however some of the remains are supposed to be as old as 3000 years.

Regardless the age of the place, it is the scenery that makes it amazing.

Stone hedges formed in a shape of drakkars, surround burial hills.

Underneath lie bodies of viking warriors, whose souls might still wander among those cold, simple monuments…

At the very front Fågelbcken – majestic rune stone – raised by viking Tav to honor his brother Grimmund.

And above all – the amazing aura which for a moment made me feel like I was in a middle of an ancient saga…

Photos – almost all by Premislaus.

Soundtrack by Misteria: Click me!

It seems that if you look carefully, you can see a path leading to the Rainbow Bridge Bifrost, connecting the realm of the mortals with the realm of ancient nordic gods – Asgard.

Fog, some dirt on camera lenses or maybe a….lost viking soul dwelling on this ancient graveyard?

I do hope the vikings won’t mind…

Last but not least – incredible Fågelbcken.

… and I have no idea how to pronounce this name correctly.

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