Log 3

Log 3 Blue Moon Station – Berlin

Soundtrack – by Mike Oldfield – Click me!

To truly be alive means to be awakened.

We are all asleep.

Trapped in a moment, in a glimpse between „now” and infinity. Lost in a labyrinth of our relations, in a sophisticated web of giving and receiving, a chain of transactions which never seems fair nor justified.

We are consumed by our fears and our desires, we are overrun by our ambitions and pleasures, we are victims to small and big compromises which corrode our hearts and our beliefs.

We are discouraged by a never ending mantra of our complaints, doubts, curses and excuses.

That’s how we slowly fall asleep. And that’s how we forget.

We forget that everything that surrounds us, everything is just a mere reflection of the a true and only Reality.

That we are in the middle of the night, and the pale, shining moon above our heads is not the light that we are waiting for.

That a darkness will be gone, and that a new dawn will come.

And although we are not ready yet, although our eyes hurt – it is our destiny to finally step out of the night.

To leave the dream and to wake up.

And once awakened, we wil see that all our fears, doubts, all our suffering even the most profound, all will be gone, in a same way, in which bad dream vanishes when conquered by the rays of the rising sun.


End of Log 3

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