Stockholm Impressions 3 – Gnomes meet astronauts

From Royal Armory to space shuttle toilets , from quorter of the admiral of the Vasa ship  to troll&gnome shop, from kings apartments to Voodoo exhibition …  few more images from my journey to Scandinavian capital.

Let’s go for a walk!

Photos – me&brother

Soundtrack by Lunatic Soul – Click me!





Stockholm’s landscape: city scattered on several islands.

Becouse of it”s location, while visiting Stockholm having a short voayge by ship is like tasting a beer during Oktoberfest in Munich ( still on my To Do list by the way…). It’s a must.

And if we are talking about the ships, in Stockholm you can see the one which is probably most spectacular in Europe, or even in the world. The great, wooden warship – Vasa.

It gives me a sense of satisfaction, when I think that this huge warship – largest in it’s time, was built for one main purpose:  to defeat 17th century Poland.

See that 5 Meter long Vasa model in front?  It took 5 years to built it.

See that 60 meter long Vasa orignal in the back?  It took 2 years to built it.

And probably that’s why, Vasa sunk just after leaving the shipyard…

One last look into the Vasa – at the admirals quarters.

Rumor says, after his ship sunk…he got promoted.

 And these are  quarters of another Very Important Person. Royal Apartaments in Royal Palace.  One of the rooms of king of Sweden… Errr… what was his name?

This is the place where history is being made. Or to be more specific – celebrated.

The hall in the Royal Palace – where Nobel prize lunches are being held.

And something which can be found in the Palaces basement. One of the armors in Royal Armoury.

This one in particular belonged to Polish king – Sigmund Vasa the Third. How did finish up in Stockholm?

Well, for some time – Polish and Swedish kings where literally a family.

I guess that’s why so many wars occurred…

Big ceremony in front of the Royal Palace – we thought it was the Swedish king who would finally bother to officialy greet us in Stockholm. But it was just a change of guards…

And now something special:

A  gnome.

An astronaut.

And something we were all waiting for.

A  space shuttle toilet.

And what about the Voodoo?

This will come in the next and last part of Stockholm impressions…

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