Stockholm Impressions 4 – Walk among the spirits

Stockholm was amazing.

But it weren’t the treasures of Swedish land that I will remember as most astonishing.

It was something else.

Something which seemed to be … not entirely from this world.

Bizarre ritual costumes from Papua New Guinea.

Weird Siberian sculptures carved in bones.

Native American’s dream catchers, Japanese Theatre Masks and many more…

All of this awaited for me in Stockholm’s ethnography museum.

Walking through this exhibition was like taking part in one of the Indiana Jones adventures.

Mix of art, ritualism and spirituality, strange figures gazing at me through the glass,which seemed as thin as thin is the border between the world we can see and the realm of the spirits.

Photos: me&brother,

Soundtrack: by Dead Can Dance – Click me!

Ritual Masks from South America

A figure holding a skeleton, made of various animal parts and carved human skull. This sculpture  represents “cannibal dancing society”  I can’t remember where exactly was it from, but I am sure it is a “no go” area…

Golden statue of Budda Amida from India.

Carved elephant’s tusk from Kongo.

And a shaman’s robe from the same region.

I know the quality is bad. But those Siberian figures were really small. And really weird.

Something from the far East –  Japanese samurai armor.

And a gallery of Japanese Theater Masks. Some show people, some show demons…

A Totem from North America. When it glows it means that the spirits of the Ancestors are present…

As mentioned in last part of Stockholm Impressions, I wanted to write about Voodoo.

Well, this was the last and the best part of the exhibition. However, I won’t keep my promise  – and I will write about Voodoo in a complete, separate log some other time.

For today to close the last chapter of Stokcholm Impressions  – let’s have a picture of ritual costumes from Papua New Guinea.

And a practicing shaman.

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