Log 4

Log 4 – Blue Moon Station – Berlin

I was devoted to my past.

I was foolish enough to stop by the road and look behind me. I was convinced that I am accompanied by the shadows of my never-realised dreams, and chased by the echoes of the words untold.

I was scared that the chances I have wasted will fill my heart like a stones thrown into a rusty bag of memories. And that this will become my burden, throughout the whole journey.

I had my sight set to the ground, too ashamed to look around to see the beauty and the gentleness of the people passing me by.

I was deaf and blind, locked in schemes of my previous mistakes, thinking that if once failed, I am predestined to be defeated over and over again.

I was wrong.

And now as I slowly learn how not to avoid the sunlight, one clear thought arises in my mind.

If today, I am allowed to hate anyone in the world it should be myself from the day before.

Soundtrack – by P.O.D – Click me!

End of Log 4

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