I, the beast

„I, the beast.”

I can’t remember Hell. I know I’ve been there.

And I know I’ll come back there.

But I can’t remember Hell.

 I guess, that in the moment, when I have crossed the threshold of death and life, all my memories  faded away like a remnants of last night’s nightmare, driven off by the light of the new dawn. It does not mean that I am liberated. For I am not.

I will not stay here for long. I will not handle that, if I will not find my prey. But finding what I am looking for is just the beginning of a struggle.

What I find I still need to devour.

And I prey on what every beast does.

I prey on you.


Here it comes – “City 2”. 

A book filled with urban terror – a horror anthology of short stories by various Polish authors.

Rumour says that even the Blue Moon Station crew has it’s representation there.

The story is called  “I, the beast”  and the narration is led by a roaming demon that hungers for sin, growing stronger when feeding on weaknesses of people in it’s wake.

But the story will tell the reader more about the prey than about the hunter. For it is us, our choices and decisions that make the demons well fed or… starving.

The excerpt of “I, the beast” you have just read at the beginning of log.

There will be more coming, maybe.

If any beast does not devour station’s crew…

For now someone might be interested in seeing what was one of the main inspirations to create the Beast:

Godsmack – Voodoo.



End of log

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