Shaman and his shack ( Tale 1)

Shaman built a shack.

But this happened later.
Before that, shaman would have a dream.In this dream he would see a mountain, and a light on a top of it.
Mountain was as high as heavens, it’s peek would soar up to the stars, shining a like lighthouse among the obscure seas of the night. Shaman would have know, that the light on the peek, holds the key to all the questions he would have gathered in his wearied heart.
However, it was only a dream.
When shaman woke up, he would discover that he sees the light no more.
That he is in a middle of the jungle. A jungle which was dark, dense and dangerous.
He would remind himself that he is in a strange land, among the people of a savage tribe. A tribe that would despise him. A tribe that would not want him.
There is no place here, for the ones like you, the people would say. You want to admire the beauty of the sky, while in a jungle you can barely see a sun ray, so thick are the tree leaves. You want to talk with the Spirit who dwells among the stars, while our only desire is the warmth of our women and our campfires. You want us to tell us stories, but all we need from you is to hunt down fat capybaras and catch big fish, like all the other man do. We do not need shamans here, a tribe would say.
Go away, and tell your stories somewhere else, maybe a wind would listen to you, they laughed.
And the shaman would go.
He would pick up his sack, and he would go. He would be casted away, forced to enter the deepest jungle. He would march away from his people into the abysses of the unknown. Away from the warm and safety of the campfires.
But he would not get lost. He would have known the way, as it was shown to him in his dream. He would find a mountain and he would climb on the top of it.
And once up there, he would discover that there was no light like he would have imagined. Just the cold rocks and a view.
Shaman would see a vast, green carpet, a labyrinth of a trees, full of dangers, full of rush. He would see the jungle from the above, he would see the place, which was his home no more.
And he would feel disappointed.
I was casted away, he would think, I walked through the deepest jungle and climbed the mountain high as the heavens but in the end I would find nothing but sorrow.
And shaman would sit and start crying. But after a while he would see a river flowing, down below and a light reflecting on it.
A light that wouldn’t come from the sun, as the sun was already hidden beneath the horizon.
Shaman would look carefully and than he would understand where the light had it source.
It would come from the top of this mountain, where was nothing but him alone.
Shaman would smile, because he would finally understand the meaning of his dream. He would, lay down his sack and he would say:
Once you are above your problems and your world, you can finally see where is your place in it.
And so shaman built his shack.
And he would start telling a stories.
And the wind would start to listen.

One thought on “Shaman and his shack ( Tale 1)

  1. m November 14, 2011 / 6:45 pm

    Nice to read this. A random colleague from work 😉

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