Shaman meets the Warrior (Tale 3)

It was a windy night when a Warrior appeared on a doorsteps of shaman’s shack.

Shaman would see this coming, as the evening breeze brought cold promise of the fierce

battle ahead.

–  Here I am – said the Warrior, as he passed the threshold.

– Here you are – replied Shaman, sipping his mate and staring at the distant hills.

– I have come for your wise words old man.

– You seem to lack the polite ones young man.

Warrior shrugged and said nothing. Shaman also shrugged and had one more sip of his mate. They watched the sky turning dark, as the time passed in an unruffled silence.

–          I can see you are a man of of deeds not words – said Shaman eventually – And yet you have come to listen of what I have to say.

–          All is true Shaman…and forgive me if I brought any disrespect…

–           Now, that’s better warrior.  Tell me than, what worries you?

Warrior frowned as if words that where about to come out of his lips where wounding him.

– I am scared , Shaman.

– Let me guess. There is a battle ahead with the vicious tribe from marshes…

– Unga tribe, our hated enemies. – confirmed warrior. – Most savage of all in the jungle. They dwell in darkness, feed on cropses, torture their slaves and drink the blood of fallen warriors.

– So you are afraid of the Unga demons?

Warrior burst in laughter.

– No, Shaman. I am not. All I feel for Unga is anger. It is not my enemy that I fear.

– Spoken like a true warrior. – admitted Shaman – What is than that you are afraid of?

– Failure.  – whispered Warrior – It is fear of the possible defeat that grips me. I am scared that I will dissapoint those who count on me. It is not the sharp teeth of Unga that makes me pale, but the menace of shame that could overshadow me and my clan if I fail to be strong enough…

Shaman nodded in silence. And than he spoke.

– Than you have to do with your fear and your doubts the same thing that are ought to do with Unga.

–  Tell me?

– Fight them.  Defeat them. And than you will understand that all the vicories in the world start with the most ancient and most vicious of all battles that man has fought  – a struggle in his own heart.  And once you overcome such powerfull warrior as yourself, no Unga will pose a threat to you anymore.

Warrior smiled. He nodded as if admitting those words.

And than he left, without saying anything anymore.

Shaman poured some more water into his cup and watched the storm clouds gathering in the sky.

He smelled the air as it was filled with the anxiety of the upcoming battle.

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