Mission in Bilbao

Although the view from Blue Moon station is probably the best one you can get, sometimes our crew ( that consists of   me and my dying plant on the windowsill) is forced to descend to the Planet surface for some field reconnaissance.

Those Terran escapades bring both rush of adrenaline and some variety to the monotonous routine…

Not that I wouldn’t enjoy my lunar landscape. But sometimes it’s just good to move your ass, if you know what I mean.

So the engines of my rusty Soyuz rocket roared and the planet fall has began.

Solar winds tossed me into the northern Spain.

To Bilbao.

Now the true purposes of my mission are highly classified.

So no photos from my secret meeting with high rank intergalactic council diplomats are available.

At least not this time, sorry.

But during my reconnaissance I managed to gather some other intelligence that can be shared.

Like those exclusive photos of the interstellar space cruiser. Local authorities would keep assuring me that it’s just a  “museum” but we all know it’s a spaceship, that crashed during Spanish civil war and they keep frozen aliens inside.

I have also encountered some lifeforms, which were not frozen. Like the giant dog below. Imagine it pissing on your wiper.

Unfortunately, at some point my mission has been interrupted by the invasion of big nasty spider from Zeta Reticuli. Those damn insects keep chasing me through whole Milky Way trying to eat my brain.

But luckily an Angel came down from high Heavens to save me. She came to the spider so close, she could whispered to it’s ear. Not sure what the magic words were, I ve just heard something like “…no brain”.

It worked though. The spider walked away and I could continue my mission… catching the exclusive images of celestial Being on my camera.

End of Log

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