“Mirror, mirror upon the wall, break the spell or become a doll”(Vodou log2)

Let me start with where I have finished last time.

Damballa the great snake.

Most powerful of the entities in Voodoo cosmology.

Father of lwas.

Dangerous dude.

You don’t wanna come across Damballa… but I am afraid you already did. More than once.  He is quite common in our European culture although we know him under different names.

Lucifer. Satan. Devil.

Houngans – Voodoo priests communicate with him through mirrors.

You probably watched the horror The Mirrors, right? You also did hear of  this superstition so common around the world – the one which tells  that if you look at the reflection in the mirror with the edge of an eye, you can catch a glimpse of a ghost…

Well, now imagine that is not a fake story… At least not in Voodoo.

Those specially crafted mirrors, seem like an awkward piece of art, so surrealistic and grotesque in their design. Frames  carved with the images of the odd looking creatures hybrids of man and beasts.

There are also hair attached to it, human hair. As well as pieces of bones, nails, skin…

The gruesome ornamentations have their purpose. They make it easier to estabilish the connection.

Those mirrors, are kind of Voodoo IPhones, you see.

With unlimited contact list to the VIPs in the other world. No problems with the signal. Display better than 20 megpaixels,

And just one price for the user contract.

Your soul.

I have came across those mirrors once in Stockholm, on a special, temporary exhibition in the Museum of Etnography.

I was stuck in a long, shady hallway, watching my reflection in those damned artifacts.

I stood there with the camera in my hand, feeling the tempation hanging in the air. If I would make myself a photo in that mirror, would I catch on it, something I couldn’t see with my bare eyes?

I stood there with my finger frozen above the camera switch, when the words of the crazy, condemned philosopher trembled in my mind like an alarm siren.

“And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you…”

I walked away. No photos his time.

End of log

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