Life is a flow

Life is a flow


There is no “fixed” stage of life.

Nothing is set in stone. Things are changing, always and perpetual.

Even then when we reach our wildest dreams, there is still something more to be achieved or yet to be maintained.

Life is not a mountain, that you can conquer by a single, spontaneous attempt and then enjoy the view from it’s top.

Life is like a wave.

It flows.

We are there carried by it in our tiny, little boats.

We have no choice but to keep paddling. That is the only way to stay on it’s top.


Blue moon station – operational

**WARNING** – commencing landing procedures.

Docking in progress.

**please wait**

Opening vacuum gate.

all systems online

**updating facility status**

Location: moon

Moon color: blue

Station crew: 2

———————————-> It has been a while Captain.<————————————————

———————————-> Welcome home!<————————————————

Berlin encounters

Just stop for a moment. And listen.

There is Music hidden in a heartbeat, although shrouded by an immense cacophony of our daily struggles.

There is Hope shinning from above, an ilumination from celestial Lighthouse visible to all wearied sailors who have the courage and humility to raise their heads up in the midst of the tempest.

There is Love, awaiting for you on the shores of life, patient enough to withstand the cold gale untill you safely reach the harbor.

And there is an Ugly Fish, which is ugly and lives in the sea.

Log 5 – You ain’t good enough

Let me tell you a story. A story about not being good enough.

Well… three stories actually.

Story number 1

A classic sci-fi movie “Gattaca”

Vincent has dream.

He wants to fly to the stars, to Titan  – one of Jupiter’s moons. In the world he lives that’s possible. But not for the ones like him. Vincent is in-Valid, his genome hasn’t been modified, his imperfection made him a pariah in a semi-divine society. With a 99% probability of developing heart disorder and vision defect his CV will designate him to be nothing more than a toilet cleaner. Vincent simply ain’t good enough for stars.

But he does not give a fuck.

He studies hard, and works even harder. He also makes a scam which allows him to slip through the recruitment process, based on DNA evaluation.

Soon enough he finds himself  a step before those he once admired.

He is determined, and he does not give up his dream, no matter the circumstances.

Eventually, he flies to the stars.

But that’s just a movie.

Story number 2

Polish boxer – Adamek is a  former junior heavyweight champion and former cruiser heavyweight champion.

He decides to go for the “kings” category – heavy weight. He trains hard, he pumps up his body, he rolls through several heavy weight stars, and eventually challenges the true champion.

The Big Bro –  has dominated the ring for years, he  is not only taller and heavier than the Polish challenger, but also more experienced. Experts do not leave Adamek any chance. Adamek simply – ain’t good enough for this fight.

But he does not give a fuck.

He stands up for the challenge, he takes his chance. Maybe – only such chance  in his lifetime. Opportunity not only to defeat the unbeatable Doctor K.O but also to be the first boxer in history to collect belts from three different weight categories.,

And so Adamek faces the champion.

And get’s his ass kicked.

Now that’s not a movie, that’s life.

Story number 3

I am in the middle of the training. Let’s call it a “ballet” training.

Our coach wants to teach us something new, – how to react in a specific situation. He calls me, and tells me to lie down on my back.

Than he calls the others and asks them to surround me. Than he tells them to start kicking me. Over and over again.

And he waits.

It took me several enormously long seconds to realise what I have to do. I scream and swear, and I give back the punches and kicks. And I get the fuck up.

It is than, when we hear from the coach:

“In real life, you will be outnumbered.

They will be stronger, they will be better fighters, there will be 2 of them, there will be a crowd of them, they will have knife, they will have rod. You will be tired, you will be sick, you will be surprised, you will be already knocked on the ground.

They will kick you in the groin, they will step on your face.

But you will get up. And you will keep fighting.

You will keep on fighting bitch.  And you will not give up.

This is true and only philosophy of our ballet classes”

Nice stories hmm?

Any lesson from those?

Let’s try:

We will always find, someone better, prettier, more clever, more handsome or stronger to compete with us. We will always find the obstacles on our way too challenging for our poor resources.

But if we believe in something we simply shouldn’t give a fuck.

And we should push forward, no matter what the final outcome would be.

Just like the kid below.

Soundtrack: Ill Nino.

End of Log 5

Log 4

Log 4 – Blue Moon Station – Berlin

I was devoted to my past.

I was foolish enough to stop by the road and look behind me. I was convinced that I am accompanied by the shadows of my never-realised dreams, and chased by the echoes of the words untold.

I was scared that the chances I have wasted will fill my heart like a stones thrown into a rusty bag of memories. And that this will become my burden, throughout the whole journey.

I had my sight set to the ground, too ashamed to look around to see the beauty and the gentleness of the people passing me by.

I was deaf and blind, locked in schemes of my previous mistakes, thinking that if once failed, I am predestined to be defeated over and over again.

I was wrong.

And now as I slowly learn how not to avoid the sunlight, one clear thought arises in my mind.

If today, I am allowed to hate anyone in the world it should be myself from the day before.

Soundtrack – by P.O.D – Click me!

End of Log 4

Log 3

Log 3 Blue Moon Station – Berlin

Soundtrack – by Mike Oldfield – Click me!

To truly be alive means to be awakened.

We are all asleep.

Trapped in a moment, in a glimpse between „now” and infinity. Lost in a labyrinth of our relations, in a sophisticated web of giving and receiving, a chain of transactions which never seems fair nor justified.

We are consumed by our fears and our desires, we are overrun by our ambitions and pleasures, we are victims to small and big compromises which corrode our hearts and our beliefs.

We are discouraged by a never ending mantra of our complaints, doubts, curses and excuses.

That’s how we slowly fall asleep. And that’s how we forget.

We forget that everything that surrounds us, everything is just a mere reflection of the a true and only Reality.

That we are in the middle of the night, and the pale, shining moon above our heads is not the light that we are waiting for.

That a darkness will be gone, and that a new dawn will come.

And although we are not ready yet, although our eyes hurt – it is our destiny to finally step out of the night.

To leave the dream and to wake up.

And once awakened, we wil see that all our fears, doubts, all our suffering even the most profound, all will be gone, in a same way, in which bad dream vanishes when conquered by the rays of the rising sun.


End of Log 3

Log 1

Log 1. Blue Moon Station – Stockholm

Always trust Him.


You take a walk on an unkown route. Every step takes you closer to what appears to be dead end.

But you know it’s your path. You have been asking for an answer, praying for it, shouting to high heavens, to retrieve it as a mellow fruit.

And you got it.

Keep walking He said. I will show you the way, and all you have to do is to keep walking. And don’t stop.

Now the thing is, we never trust Him fully. At least not at the beginning. We take our our chances, pick up our own ways of life. Sooner or later we discover, that in the best scenario we were just walking in a circle. In the worst, we find ourselves at the edge of the abyss.

Now, if you want your life to get on a higher level, you need to find a purpose. You need to find your destiny. And there is only One who can reveal it to you.

But He won’t do it immediately. Firstly, you will need to trust Him. And travel long and a difficult road. There might be darkness on this road, sometimes it might seem there is a dead end just in front of you. But that’s just the problem of your perspective, you simply cannot see the whole path. Maybe there is a darkness at this point, but you do not know what awaits you at the next corridor – and you will never know unless you take your next step.

Once you will get to the end, you will discover, that those small steps, altogether have taken you far beyond your imagination.

My steps have taken me to the moon.

So welcome!

Welcome Friends to the Blue Moon Station.

You will hear from me again soon.
End of Log 1