One time in Dubai a taxi driver tried to convert me to Islam…

And he had no idea what he was getting into…
After long drive to a church and what had to be one of most difficult conversations in his life, he agreed he would start reading Gospel.
I was walking on the thin ice you see. Criticism of Islam is forbidden in United Arab Emirates. I had to tread carefully, so my words would not be treated a an open attack on something that I fundamentally disagreed with.
And I managed to make a deal with that driver.
I promised to read Quran in return, for him opening the Gospels. What my discussion partner didn’t know is that I read parts of Quran before. I also watched lectures of people as far from Christianity as Alan Watts, Ekhart Tolle or Richard Dawkins, even read Crowleys essays and browsed through La Vey’s satanic “bible”.
Why would I do that? Why would I expose my mind to things that could shake, corrupt or simply shatter foundations of my worldview?
Same reason on why a warrior risk losing his teeth on the arena.
Because a true warrior faces challenge wide open.
True warrior, finds strength in exercising his mind, he does not back down from intellectual and spiritual confrontation as he sees an opportunity there to sharpen the sword of his faith.
And there is no greater challenge than facing argumentation that questions the very base of our beliefs. And we the war we wage has a spiritual dimension.
And so, as the taxi driver, explains to me the glory of Allah I smile take a deep breath and engage, so I can tell him about a greater Glory thats out there.  I yield my sword, check my armour and I go forth into the storm.
I have been challenged again. And as many times before, I would make sure it will be for the good.
And in the aftermath, as with every battle, as I grow weary,  I remember to reinvigorate myself with the Truth.  So I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and let my mind regenerate by focusing it fully on Logos. The One Word. Who not only spoke just the Truth, but is the Truth Himself. And as the minutes pass by, a quote of G.K Chesterton, resonate through my heart. It is a quote that should become a mantra of spiritual warrior:

“Merely having an open mind is nothing. The object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to shut it again on something solid.”

And in the ever changing universe, with all it’s different people and their countless beliefs, there is nothing more solid than the Truth.

The Epic Quest called Life

So here we are.
Guys, Boyfriends, Husbands, Fathers, Weekend Warriors.

Probably a very last generation of those who used to run in childhood with sticks fighting trolls in a courtyard, who organised water balloon battles against those stinkers from the neighbouring block , who wrestled in sand, got their knees bruised while climbing trees.
We were the last ones to avoid, the omnipresent stigma of virtual reality. And our heads were filled with dreams.
Big, epic dreams.

Joshua Earle

You can become anyone you want to, we were told. Rock star, general, football player. Fucking astronaut.

Just go ahead and believe that. Its is in our guys, warriors DNA, after all.  To reach for the heights, to climb the highest peak (and then drop your pants down and pee from the top).

When I was a kid I wanted to be a pirate. Or world famous writer.

I have always pictured myself rolling through life accompanied by an elevating soundtrack like in oscar winning movie, carrying a bloodstained armor, waving to crowds of fans with my left hand and giving autographs with the other, flying into space, preventing alien invasion, shitting with epicness.
And here I am, staring eleven hours per day at the numbers on the screen, rolled into the wheels of humongous corporate machine, changing diapers by night, dreading the invasion of bills by the end of the month.

Ben White

I am Husband, Father, Breadwinner. Manager. Weekend Warrior.

And sometimes I find it hard to distinguish myself from a zombie. Does it have to be, that dream of greatness come back now only while playing another Witcher game on my PC?

Fuck that.

It is time to realise, that we are not ever to drop our childhood dreams, but transcend with them. That we shouldn’t treat life as the ultimate excuse for not living up to our greatest ambitions. A key to success is to pursue passions in spare time, while cherishing every moment of our daily struggles.


Aziz Acharki

And remember you Fathers – having a family to care for is not only source of strength to face life adventures, but it’s an adventure itself.

I am a father and I am a warrior.

And I am living my quest in my daily experiences.

In my journeys, adventures, battles in the arena of everyday life. In stories told through the eyes of someone who despite coming of age, still lives his childhood dreams. Dreams of fighting trolls, climbing skyscrapers, reaching the heights of heights.
If you ever felt, that life is more, than a repetitive cycle of daily responsibilities, I am sure you will find yourself in some of my stories, if not all of them.
So, hey!… Join me on the epic quest called life.


/Post from my archived blog “Sword in the woods”/

Peak of the mountain

You cannot fulfill your destiny if you are just struggling day by day to survive.

Don’t think about next day – it will surely be painful, but you will be ready for it. Not now, but when the time comes.

Think of ten years ahead. Where do you want to be? Think of the peak of the mountain.

Look up. Look above treetops, above rooftops, above the horizon. Look up and see. Your mission, your goal, your dream.

It is there on the peak of the mountain. From that peak you will cast shadow on the clouds under your feet, you will swallow the wind into your lungs and you will shout your victorious battle-cry.

You will be king of the world, because you have mastered your life.

step by stepBut first you need to get there.

So now look down.

Look at your feet, and start pushing forward.

Step by step.

In front of your eyes it is just dirt.

But it will be the peak of the mountain that you will see.


Just remember where you are heading.

Radosław Scheller


There will be a time when you will be alone. You will not avoid it.

There will be time when you will be abandoned, forgotten, left astray…

Maybe there are people around you that love you, but there will be time when they will be gone. Maybe you will have to take that challenge, change your job, you town, your country, your life. Maybe you will dip into failure, and the ones who had your back will turn it on you. Maybe you will achieve success and the ones whom you cherished will not recognize you anymore.

You will be left alone. No matter how hard you will try, you will have to face it eventually.

Maybe you will get sick. Maybe you will get misunderstood. Maybe you will have an accident. Maybe you will get old and everyone who ever mattered will just fade away.

No matter what happens, this time will come some day.  You will be alone.

And then you will have to do it.

Play with open cards. Take the veil off and look into your own heart. It is then, when the answer to this one question will define on how this loneliness will treat you:


Did I live my life true to myself or was my life just a mere reflection in the eyes of the others?

Radek from the Blue Moon

Life is a flow

Life is a flow


There is no “fixed” stage of life.

Nothing is set in stone. Things are changing, always and perpetual.

Even then when we reach our wildest dreams, there is still something more to be achieved or yet to be maintained.

Life is not a mountain, that you can conquer by a single, spontaneous attempt and then enjoy the view from it’s top.

Life is like a wave.

It flows.

We are there carried by it in our tiny, little boats.

We have no choice but to keep paddling. That is the only way to stay on it’s top.


Tales of Scotland – Nessie spotted!

Highly classified data on so called “Loch Ness Monster” sightings was transmitted to Blue Moon Station in late summer.

Although station’s A.I  remained skeptical ( “Are you sure you want to do this Dave?”)  the accuracy of the evidence material was so convincing that the situation required close investigation.

I have have packed my monster hunting  equipment, my camera, my diving suit and occasional Scottish kilt.

And I jumped into the rocket.

Blue Moon Station  was on a mission again.

I have landed on the Loch Ness shore on August 23rd, near the town of Inverness.

This area was had the highest number of “Nessie incidents” reported.

Surely it had nothing to do with two touristic “Nessie centers” located in it’s neighborhood.

I have picked up my Monster Motion Sensor and started scanning the perimeter.

The investigation has begun.

During days of intensive research I found the following:

Ruins of the castle. Romantic and picturesque. Very Scottish.

Lady of the Lake. Beautiful and charming. Very mysterious.

Bunch of tourists rolling on the grass, near ” Keep of the grass” sign. Very American.

Medieval toilet. Simple and stylish. Very medieval.

None of those, although very entertaining, didn’t lead me any closer to the monster itself.

The Monster Motion Sensor was dead silent, satellite scanning from the Blue Moon Stations showed no track of the anything larger than a group of old, fat tourists from Germany.

So I stared at the lake. And started. And started at it for hours…

Was my mission failed?

And then the enlightenment came.

Nessie is a monster, right?

What do they do in all those horror movies when they try to summon the Monster out of it’s pit?

They use this trick. It is called „human sacrifice”.

It works like that :

  • You pick a girl – preferably the most charming, innocent looking Beauty in the area.
  • You leave her on the altar/chain her up to the large monolith/throw her into the pit…or into the lake.
  • You wait for the Monster to come for it’s bait.

I smiled.

Maybe my quest was not that pointless after all?

Now where was that Lady of the Lake…?

And theeeeereeeee she went….

And after few moments, the Monster has arrived.

Huge, shiny and of course very monstrous. Ladies and Gentleman – Nessie:

Mission was accomplished.

The end

Tales of Scotland – The hunt for Loch Ness Monster vol. 1

Imagine a lake.

It’s a lake like this:

It stretches for miles, it’s deep and mysterious, surrounded by breathtaking landscape of hills and plains.

It’s a beautiful lake.

Now – how would you make it famous?

You could praise it’s beauty – and surely some people would come to see it.

You could even have some romantic ruins scattered around it. Like a medieval castle remains. This would help attract even more tourists.

But how would you make it a worldwide touristic  highlight? How could you drag people all over the globe to see it?

How would you make them write stories about it in all languages, how would you make it as well known as wonders of the world such as Pyramids of Giza, Rome’s Colloseum or Niagara Falls?

How would would you do it – when you’d have known that your like is nice…but not THAT special?

Well my friends – for this you would need a Monster.

Maybe not as ugly as that one.

Still, the Monster you need should be  big, fat and scary. Yet – it should be realistic and vivid enough that it could live in people’s imagination.

1 ,00o pound, ancient reptile and a marine predator –  plesiosaurus should do the job.

Now how would you find one – if all of those died like 65 milion years ago?

That’s also simple my friends – you would make it up.

You would find  a nice, catchy name for it- like Billy or Fluffy.

Or Nessie, if you’d have ran out of all other options.

Then you would start producing promotional gadgets on the industrial scale. Postcards, toys, t-shirts, calendars, cups, towels, toilet papers… etc. All of those covered with our Monster’s images.

And than you would spread the word.

That’s how the Loch Ness monster myth was created … or rather that’s what I thought before I visited the famous lake myself.

It was then when it occured to me that sometimes the most simple explanations have nothing to do with the ever-suprising reality.

Because of all explanations I had – none has foreseen that famous Nessie can be actually alive.

To be continued

Blue moon station – operational

**WARNING** – commencing landing procedures.

Docking in progress.

**please wait**

Opening vacuum gate.

all systems online

**updating facility status**

Location: moon

Moon color: blue

Station crew: 2

———————————-> It has been a while Captain.<————————————————

———————————-> Welcome home!<————————————————

City of Doors

Once I ve heard this story.

There was a City unlike any others. It was a place lying on the verge of realities, where unspeakable worlds and dominions would overlap, creating the most peculiar spot in all of the universes.

In this City, chaos would become organized, but not tamed. It’s streets would be crowded with entities, that would vary not only by their culture, race and religion but by the most basic perception of the reality around them.

This City would be like a flickering mosaic, where all it’s elements would seem random only at the first glance. But eventually a pattern called “Fate” would emerge from beyond.

In this city angels and demons alike would walk along the same streets.

A gruesome sorcerer who would experiment with forbidden magic and incinerate the whole district for which he would become punished by gods and turned into the ever-Burning Man lantern.

It would host the Sensates from the Society of Sensation who would embrace life as it is, striving in their constant quest to experience everything that world has to offer – pleasures and torment alike.

It would also host grim Brotherhood of Dustmen would anticipate and celebrate Death as a final release from the joke called “Life”.

It would be governed by terrifying and beautiful in it’s awesome way deity – the immortal Lady of Pain.

In this city a lonely, unnamed Warrior would wander across it’s crowded streets seeking the answers to his destiny.

This City would be called Sigil – or the City of Doors and it would only exist in an old computer game called Planescape: Torment.

This is what I thought, until one day I would find myself in Sigil again.

This time for real.

Shaman and the Lonely Traveler (Tale 4)

Shaman and the Lonely Traveler

It was serene, chilly night, when Shaman would hear someone knocking to the door of his shack.

Although half asleep, Shaman would scramble out of his bed and welcomed the visitor.

– Greetings – he said as soon as he opened the door. The man on the threshold was tucked in a long, rusty coat, and was shivering from the cold, evening breeze.

– Greeting, Wise Man. – muttered stranger – Will you invite a Lonely Traveler for a drink?

– Come in, please. My shack is not a palace, but there is always place for wearied journeyman. – said Shaman and invited Lonely Traveler to take a sit.

– Would you like something to drink? Tea, coffee or mate?

– Coffe please. – said Lonely Travaler eagerly. He was traveling so long that a taste of fine, black coffee seem to him all but forgotten.

– Ehm… There is no coffee – Shaman noticed after a while.

– Oh… will have tea than.

– Sure – said Shaman and poured two cups of mate. – Long journey you’ve been through?

– Oh, yes. I have just crossed the Desert of Thousand Tears.

-The one that is said to turn into a Thriving jungle when a thousand of human tears are going to be shed on it’s sand?

– … which is never going to happen as all water evaporates before touching the ground… – chuckled Lonely Traveler – Yes, the same one.

Than they would both sip in silence their mate.

Eventually Shaman acknowledged Lonely Traveler’s patience and asked.

– What brings you to my shack? – He perfectly knew the answer, however. After all everybody was coming here for the same reason.

– I have came here for answers. – said Lonely Traveler, not surprisingly.

– There we go… – mumbled Shaman and assembled his old wise man pose – Tell me than.

Lonely Traveler would clear his throat and started his story.

– I am a Traveler and I walk alone.

– I have climbed ,mountains so high that their peeks would melt so close to the starts they were. I have sailed through waters so immense that they would close the horizon in their embrace. I have seen wonders and horrors, tasted delights and suffered tortures.

Among all I have met people from many cultures and nations. And despite their origins they would all be amused on why I would keep walking.

You see Shaman. I wander because I seek.

Because I chase my Dream. I am searching for Love, I am searching for Happines , I am searching for Purpose.

I have been offered shelter many times and far more than that. I have been asked to stay, to settle down, I have been asked to give up my Quest. To stop searching for what is never going to be found.

I was offered comfort, I was offered relief. All I had to do, was to quit trying reaching for impossible. And than a Wise Man in other village, a Witch Doctor similar to you Shaman would say something I would never forget.

He would say: Life is about seeking compromise between your dreams and the reality.

But that’s what he said. And that is not what I believe in.

So I thanked him for his words, and still kept going. But the doubt has been sown in my heart.

Now I have cometh to you Shaman.

I have cometh to ask you for an advice. Should I try to find the Dream although it means risk of having nothing in the end. Or should I try to find compromise?

Shaman would stare at the distant for a long while, sipping his mate and enjoying the view of the stars.

Than he would speak.

– The choice you make has to be determined on if you are ready to face the greatest challenge of your life.

Lonely Traveler would just smile.

– I am prepared for that Shaman. And I have been asked countless times for it. Am I really ready to face the disappointment? Am I ready to stand up to the the moment in which I realize that what all I was chasing was just a mere illusion? I am ready for that moment, because at least I will be able to say: I did everything I could.

Travelers face was expressing determination and it was Shaman who was smiling now.

– That is good, Traveler. But that is not the challenge I was talking about. – he would say.

– What is it than? – pressed Lonely Traveler – What could be bigger challenge for a man than a moment in which his dreams are broken?

Shaman would just sigh.

– A moment in which your Dream will be realized.

Nothing challenges man more than his dream becoming true. So before heading out, ask yourself Traveler:

Are you truly ready to face the Dream you have been trying to reach that hard?

Lonely Traveler would frown puzzled by those words. He would say nothing more.

He would bow, finish his mate and than he would leave the shack.

And he would keep walking until he disappeared in the darkness.

The End