City of Doors

Once I ve heard this story.

There was a City unlike any others. It was a place lying on the verge of realities, where unspeakable worlds and dominions would overlap, creating the most peculiar spot in all of the universes.

In this City, chaos would become organized, but not tamed. It’s streets would be crowded with entities, that would vary not only by their culture, race and religion but by the most basic perception of the reality around them.

This City would be like a flickering mosaic, where all it’s elements would seem random only at the first glance. But eventually a pattern called “Fate” would emerge from beyond.

In this city angels and demons alike would walk along the same streets.

A gruesome sorcerer who would experiment with forbidden magic and incinerate the whole district for which he would become punished by gods and turned into the ever-Burning Man lantern.

It would host the Sensates from the Society of Sensation who would embrace life as it is, striving in their constant quest to experience everything that world has to offer – pleasures and torment alike.

It would also host grim Brotherhood of Dustmen would anticipate and celebrate Death as a final release from the joke called “Life”.

It would be governed by terrifying and beautiful in it’s awesome way deity – the immortal Lady of Pain.

In this city a lonely, unnamed Warrior would wander across it’s crowded streets seeking the answers to his destiny.

This City would be called Sigil – or the City of Doors and it would only exist in an old computer game called Planescape: Torment.

This is what I thought, until one day I would find myself in Sigil again.

This time for real.

Berlin encounters

Just stop for a moment. And listen.

There is Music hidden in a heartbeat, although shrouded by an immense cacophony of our daily struggles.

There is Hope shinning from above, an ilumination from celestial Lighthouse visible to all wearied sailors who have the courage and humility to raise their heads up in the midst of the tempest.

There is Love, awaiting for you on the shores of life, patient enough to withstand the cold gale untill you safely reach the harbor.

And there is an Ugly Fish, which is ugly and lives in the sea.

Night of the museums

This was my third Night of the Museum in Berlin.  And I’d say – the best one, so far.

A rainy, almost hostile weather prevented most of the visitors to come.

Good for me!

When the corridors are empty and your only companion is your camera, and you alone, walk among the ancient artifacts, covered in a strange luminescence, it is only than when you discover, that  a step through museum’s threshold takes you to a journey to another world.

Below impressions from “Lange nach de Museen”: Markisches Museum, Kulturforum, Ethnographic Museum, Asian Museum, Humboldt Box and Berliner Dom.

Markisches Museum

Kulturforum – Potsdamer Platz

Museum of Etnography and Asian Art

Berliner Dom and Humboldt Box

End of Log